Knitted Heirloom Lace

"With enough steel wool, you can knit a Volkswagen!"

Knitlace VW Or so says my husband. But if you can't find the steel wool to do it, how about knitting some beautiful heirloom lace? I developed my passion for lace knitting from my mother, a lace knitter for over 60 years. She taught me to knit along with a group of Girl Scouts when I was 9. I loved watching her knit and thought I'd be really grown up if I could cast on as fast as she or thread the sewing machine as quickly as she always did. I knitted for dolls, made little things throughout my school years.

The seed was sewn! After marriage, with 8 children to rear, I had time for only "utility knitting", mittens, hats, scarves. When the empty nest syndrome hit, I really got into it. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I love all needle crafts, but at the age of 55, I knew I'd better decide which craft I felt a real passion for - and knitting - lace knitting was it!!

My mother did consignment lace knitting for a large department chain in St. Louis and was my resource for patterns and problem solving. It's been an invaluable legacy and I'm eager to pass it on to you. I can knit only so long on Aran or Fair Isle and then must return to tiny needles and cobweb yarn.

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